Specialist Vehicle Recovery

Highfield operates a fleet of vehicles for Specialist Vehicle Recovery. Catering for a wide range of recovery situations, Highfield is the number once choice in the South West. Contact our team for more information.

Low Approach and Prestige Recovery

Highfield Garage and Recovery Ltd have transporters with a low angled approach tilt and slide bed to enable the easy loading of vehicles with a very low ride height. This ensures that the vehicles are loaded quickly and damage-free. We use soft wheel coverings to protect your alloy wheels and take every care to ensure customer confidence and satisfaction.

Covered Vehicle Recovery

We also retain the ability to confidentially recovery high value or sensitive vehicles using our covered recovery vehicle.

Crane Recovery

For circumstances that need it, we have a two accident units with hi-ab capability. Our largest 26 tonne vehicle has a 31 tonne metre rated lifting capability and our 18 tonne accident unit a 23 tonne metre rating. These enable Highfield Garage and Recovery Ltd to recover cars and light commercial vehicles from any location.

Damage Free Street Recovery

• Highfield Garage and Recovery Ltd can recover or remove a range of vehicles using our damage-free lift cradle. This ensures a damage-free, quick, and efficient removal of the vehicle. Lost Keys
• Vehicles stuck in gear
• Stolen Recovered

Eastract Vehicle Handler

Eastract Vehicle handler is a very specialist piece of equipment designed and manufactured for the handling of locked or non-running motor vehicles. It enables the operator to uplift manoeuvre and transport the vehicle to a designated location and offload without the need to touch or enter the vehicle. Ideally suited to police forensic work, burnouts and off road use.

Eastract can be operated fully remotely and is fitted with large tracks that are ideal for off road locations. It is also fitted with a hydraulic winch to assist recovery.